Magic Ice Cube Maker
Magic Ice Cube Maker
Magic Ice Cube Maker
Magic Ice Cube Maker
Magic Ice Cube Maker Magic Ice Cube Maker Magic Ice Cube Maker Magic Ice Cube Maker

Magic Ice Cube Maker

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Do your ice cube trays take up a lot of your freezer's much needed space? Isn't it even harder to break and squeeze ice cubes out of those trays? Now there's a much easier solution to make ice cubes!

Magic Ice Cube Maker is a space saving and revolutionary design that replaces up to 10 traditional ice cube trays! 

  • Versatile - All-in-one ice cube maker, ice bucket, cooler compartment for bottles and frozen desserts, and even fill it with ice cream!
  • Lid- Eliminates most odors with its airtight seal
  • Space Saver - Makes up to 3 batches of ice cubes or 120 cubes in total. Save space for the important stuff. Amazing!
  • Unique Design - Magic Ice Cube Maker has a dual cylinder design: outer cylinder freezes the ice cubes, inner tub store them.
  • Quality - Made with food grade silicone material BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • Size - Approximately 5.25” x 5.5” (13.2 x 14.1 cm) 

How To Use

1. Fill With Water: Fill Magic Ice Cube Maker with water to the top, avoid water flowing over the sides. 

2. Put in freezer: Secure spill-proof lid on top and place in freezer on a flat area so it won't fall over. Wait several hours until ice freezes in cylinder.  Freezing time varies by freezer.

3. Remove Magic Ice Cube Maker from freezer, lift up the inner cylinder, gently squish the flexible outer cylinder to release the ice cubes in to the tub. Now it's ready to use!  When finished, rinse, refill, and freeze again.

Magic Ice Cube Maker will be your summer's BFF!


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